Assessment Questionnaire

The Assessment Questionnaire is the best way to access the interventions in the Math Interventions Matrix. The Assessment Questionnaire provides users with an efficient tool to search for the interventions to meet the needs of individual students. The Questionnaire consists of a series of assessment probes that can be arranged by grade level or by mathematical domain to expedite the intervention search.

A table showing the mathematical domains available at each grade level can be found in the Grade Level-Domain Table. In the 9 to 12 grade band, assessment probes and intervention lessons are arranged by subject (Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry) rather than grade level. If you choose the option/link that arranges the interventions by grade level, all of the assessment probes for that grade level will be listed and available. Likewise, if a specific mathematical domain is chosen, all of the probes for that domain, regardless of grade level, will be available.

Regardless of whether you arrange the lessons by grade level or mathematical domain, a series of assessment probes will become available as part of an online questionnaire. You can then use these probes to help determine whether a student has learned, mastered, and/or understands the specific math concepts. Note that you need to have valid and reliable classroom-based or other assessment data to make these determinations. The probes are matched to research-based interventions to address the specific underlying problems related to a student’s needs.

After completing the Questionnaire, the Math Interventions Matrix generates a list of the possible, relevant interventions. This Intervention Report provides a summary of and links to the Matrix-identified interventions. Each time a questionnaire is completed, the generated report is saved to the user’s account. See the Saved Reports section for more information.


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