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SPDG Services and How to Request Them

The goals, activities, of the Arkansas Department of Education’s State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) relate directly to strengthening professional development and our collective ability to maximize the academic and social, emotional, and behavioral knowledge, skills, and proficiencies of all students across the state.

This is accomplished primarily by expanding the expertise available at the Educational Service Cooperative (ESC), district, and school levels relative to the academic and behavioral needs of all students—especially those with disabilities. SPDG staff specialize in the areas of school improvement/organizational leadership, literacy instruction/intervention, mathematics instruction/intervention, positive behavioral supports, data-based problem-solving/Response-to-Instruction and Intervention, and teacher recruitment/retention.

Services from SPDG staff typically involve professional development, organizational assessment and strategic planning, technical assistance and consultation. SPDG staff do not provide services solely to address the needs of individual students, staff, schools, or specific situations.

If your ESC, district, or school is interested in professional development or technical assistance and consultation services from SPDG staff, please complete the information below and submit it (via e-mail) to Dr. Howie Knoff, SPDG Director. Please know that SPDG staff will make every effort to honor the requests submitted.

Preference is given to requests for services that:

  1. (a) reflect an identified need that has been written into a district or school’s ACSIP plan;
  2. (b) are the result of a data-based analysis that demonstrates the services have a high probability of addressing or remediating the identified need;
  3. (c) can enhance the knowledge or skills of other consultants, thereby increasing the capacity and resources of other schools, districts, or ESCs; and
  4. (d) can be addressed by SPDG staff given the number and complexity of all the requests submitted at any time from across the state.

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