Intervention Browser

As an alternative to the Assessment Questionnaire, you may choose to search the Math Interventions Matrix using the Intervention Browser. Interventions may be browsed by grade level, domain, standard, topic, or Intervention title. Note: In the 9-12 grade band, Interventions are arranged by subject (Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry), rather than by grade level.

The Intervention Browser provides a pathway for you to find Interventions most relevant to the needs of students without completing an Assessment Questionnaire. This could be particularly helpful if you are searching for interventions dealing with a specific topic or addressing a specific standard. If you know the title, topic, or standard of a particular intervention, the Intervention Browser will provide the most direct access to the lesson.

After selecting any of these category filters, you will be presented with a list of the interventions meeting the selected criteria. For each matched intervention you will be provided with the following information: student probe, Intervention lesson description, rationale, preparation, attachments, and reference links.


  • The Student Probe is a specific problem to be presented to the student to assess the suitability of the lesson.

  • The Intervention Lesson Description gives a short overview of the lesson.

  • The Rationale explains the importance of the lesson content for the student’s mathematical understanding.

  • The Attachments (if any) are any activity sheets or forms which the lesson requires.

  • The Reference Links are the research and other works cited in the development of the lesson.

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